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Infancy and Toddlerhood

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Consider the following theories, explain the theory and how it relates to infant and toddler development, and write a short scenario that exemplifies the theory. Practice using your understanding of infant/toddler developmental theories in your responses to your classmates, pretend that you are a therapist assigned to work with the client in each scenario.

Theories used in the sample: nonorganic failure to thrive, separation anxiety, language development issues

Sample scenario: Tom

Tom is a two-year old male whose parents work many hours during the week. While his parents work during the week, he stays with his grandmother who has difficulty keeping up with him throughout the day. She spends much of her time ignoring him by watching television instead of playing with him. When Tom's parents brought him to you, he seemed to be very small for a child his age and showed some severe developmental delays. He did not speak many words and did not seem to be putting together sentences yet. His parents brought him to you because he screams and yells every morning when his mother leaves him at the grandmother's house.

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Child Development

Bases on your example :
1. nonorganic failure to thrive seems to be the case here- not having all the details from the primary caregiver-grandmother. Indicators would be that he is very small for a child his age and shows severe ...

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