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    Mark Erikson's views

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    Mark Erickson states in Science, Culture, & Society that "While it is important to understand the social aspects of science, the reverse may be even more important: that to understand society and culture, we need to understand science." What does the author mean by this and what are some examples?

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    We need to understand science and the part it plays in our lives because we are science. We are surrounded by it, often control it, and use it. As a society and a culture, it is people who drive the reasons for scientific research. It is the societal decision to fund specific kinds of research and some more than others. This points to the things we find important in our culture. We use scientific language and terms in our speech. "Nano" anything is a good ...

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    The solution provides a discussion of the views of Science theorist Mark Erikson in relation to the importance of science in understanding society and ourselves.