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The Empowerment Process: Integrating Theory and Practice

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This requires to reflect on the use of empowerment with a coalition's participant focus. Empowerment is typically considered to be a technique for managing individuals. However, empowerment allows individuals and groups to experience opportunities that provide an increase in motivation as well as self-efficacy. Not merely a "power driven" opportunity for an individual to lead or provide expertise, but developing conditions that encourage empowerment through feedback and reinforcement of personal strategies for success creates a stronger sense of efficacy.

— Conger and Kanungo,

Here are the Questions; Please remember to cite and add references after.

"The Empowerment Process: Integrating Theory and Practice"

For this discussion, consider the following:

• What political and personal issues exist that drive the coalition?

• How does the process of the coalition's movement toward their stated goals contribute to participants' feelings about their personal empowerment and impact on the process?

• What theories of human development support the need for personal empowerment?

• How does the choice of various agencies and individuals comprising the coalition help to create a sense of empowerment?

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When working with various issues of juvenile delinquency and also with families with empowerment issues there are various political and emotional problems that need to be raised. The political and personal issues that we and the local, state and federal government must learn the culture; when the client approaches us with their various issues we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible, so that they can state their needs and we will need to share with them that they can trust us and we can hopefully help them with what they need to solve their problems. ...

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This is an essay on how using various psychological theories and how to help juvenile delinquents to feel empowered and be open to the opportunities presented to them.