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    Ethnocentrism and assimilation

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    Please help me come up with a detailed example (even from personal experience) for:

    Ethnocentrism and assimilation.

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    Ethnocentrism, at its most fundamental point, is the belief that one's own culture and ethnic heritage is superior to other cultures and ethnic heritages. People that are very ethnocentric believe that their culture has a superior set of values and beliefs, and also believes that in many ways, they are inferior to all other groups not of the same culture. I have personally experienced various forms of ethnocentrism.

    When I was at a business meeting with several Asian executives, we went to lunch and each of the Asian guests used chopsticks to eat their meals. I used utensils, not knowing how to use chopsticks. I still believed that my culture, in this instance, was superior because we ...

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