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Press conferences during the last presidential campaign

I heard a story about some professional actors who were planted in press conferences during the last presidential campaign to pose questions to President Bush that were "staged" so that he had a prepared response.
I do not know any other facts about this. Have any of you heard anything more on this? If so, what do you think? Has politics finally crossed the line and is the tail now wagging the dog?

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//Before writing about the politics of the story, it is essential to have knowledge about the story. One should know about the main aspect of the story, which further will assist in analyzing the story in an effective manner.//

Degradation in Politics

The story related to the presence of some professional actors during the press conferences of George Bush as a part of his presidential campaign was highlighted in some newspapers. However, not much of information was known about any other facts of similar nature. The basic purpose behind staging these actors in these press conferences was to pose questions for which Bush had well prepared responses. ...

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