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American Politics

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Using information from the Almanac of American Politics, campaign and official websites, and/or any other respectable source, prepare an analysis memorandum of a presidential candidate match-up. Assume the presidential primaries race in 2008 produced different nominees for both the Democrat and Republican parties.
Joe Biden v. Fred Thompson

Your analysis should use the Leesburg Grid (provided in a downloadable document below) as your principal tool for assessing this potential race. In developing your memo, you should also include a Leesburg Grid which must be annotated with each candidate's perceived strengths and weaknesses.
As part of this analysis, include:
1. Your assessment of their respective real strengths and weaknesses.
2. Any insights from past races.
3. Your assessment of the most significant potential issue contrast.
4. Your forecast of the likely winner of this match-up.
While your memo is arguably an exercise in speculation, the challenge is to use facts to support your claims. Don't hesitate to reference past statements or positions made by either of these individuals to illustrate your points.
There is no minimum length required for this memo but it should be as comprehensive as possible.
Format Requirements
Please draft your assignment according to the prescribed memorandum format: 0.5-inch margins on top and bottom and 1-inch margins, left and right; Arial 12-point font; with your name on each page of the document.


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//As per the directions, we will write about the analysis of the presidential candidate match-up for Joe Biden and Fred Thompson. It will provide assistance in the identification of the likely winner of the match-up.//



Date: January 12, 2010

Subject: Analysis of presidential candidate match-up.

For the presidential primary election 2008 in United States of America, the candidates from the democratic and republican parties are Joe Biden and Fred Thompson respectively. Joe Biden has entered into the run for becoming president of the country second time and has made political contribution as a senator for more than 30 years. He is a strong believer of power of diverse people and their integrity in the success of the country (Boyer & Ratledge, 2009). Fred Thompson has made political contribution as a senator for more than 10 years. He is a strong believer in personal management of economic affairs by the people in the freely competitive environment (Byun, 2008).

Joe Biden is a strong supporter of the management of social concern for the establishment of equalized society. He considers the importance of relocation of the wealth through the governmental ...

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