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    Market Research Plan and PR Campaign Strategy

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    I need help with this assignment.

    5. Develop a market research plan to support your PR Campaign strategy development. 150 words

    8. Analyze organizational and societal functions of PR in relation to your selected organization. 150 words

    I have added all the information that I have to complete this assignment.

    Here's the mission statement.

    Mission: "To capitalize on the company's distinctive competencies to serve the continuously evolving needs of the automotive, aeronautics, and other highly demanding industrial markets while rigorously complying with regulations, generating sustainable profitability and growth opportunities for the company's members."

    Vision: "Growing globally while remaining a lean, efficient and dynamic organization capable of rapid evolution."

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    5. The company can utilize both primary and secondary research to support the PR campaign strategy development. The secondary research will evaluate the existing market conditions, competitive scenario, PR and marketing strategies pursued by competitors, trends in the auto-mobile industry in general as well as consumer needs and preferences by researching over the web, press and media reports, existing research reports, etc.

    The secondary research will be backed by conducting extensive primary research via surveys, focus groups, etc. The ...

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    Presents market research plan for supporting PR campaign strategy.