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    Preparing a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

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    Instructions: Presentation

    Prepare 2 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides with speaker notes illustrating the strategy and tactics of your PR Campaign.
    I need help in writing a 600-word paper integrating revised versions of my previous Learning Team Assignment. . Include the following elements in your PR Campaign

    * A crisis management plan - 300 words
    * Strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign - 300 words

    Please see attachment of previous information.

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    Please find guidelines for preparing a crisis management plan and strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign in the attached word file and presentation.


    Elements of PR Campaign

    Smith System Consulting PR Campaign
    Crisis Management Plan
    Smith system Consulting is considering a public relation campaign to address its security related issues and has considered a number of public relation elements in which crisis management is also a substantial PR element (Gregory, 2000). The company is also planning a crisis management plan. Crises are not always essentially dreadful for a company. An exigency or controversy may give it an opportunity to arrive at large numbers of people. Good or bad, a few concerns are important in managing crises.
    In concern to its security related issues, Smith System consulting can also develop a crisis management plan that entails number of steps, which are as follows:
    1. Advance Preparation: For dealing with any severe security related issues in future, it is essential that the management of company does advanced preparation along with the identification of facts and figures as it can assist in turning a rough situation into a smooth procedure with the best potential outcome ...

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