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    Introducing powerpoint presentation college microsoft office 2003

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    We are doing a 8-12 powerpoint presentation and could use some help.

    Scenario: You have been asked to present tips on time management skills to new students at an online university. Your group will work together to organize and create a presentation with your advice. This information will be presented to students as part of their orientation. Most of these students have never taken online classes before, and may be a little apprehensive about juggling their course responsibilities with work and home life. You have been selected because you have been successful in your time management in your courses, and the administration hopes you can share some of your knowledge with these new students.

    As a group, create a PowerPoint presentation based on the scenario. The presentation should be 8-12 slides total, including introduction and conclusion slides. If you use any external sources for ideas, be sure to cite them in APA format. Use each of the following features at least once in your presentation: clip art, media clip (animated graphic, movie, or sound), transition, and custom animation.

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    Introducing powerpoint presentation college microsoft office 2003