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    Introducing Powerpoint

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    You have been asked to help new students out with the many new and exciting issues surrounding online education at AIU. For example, the Virtual Campus has many exciting and important features to enhance your learning experience that new students need to know about. This includes online multimedia presentations, live chat, instant messaging, discussion boards, email, instructor files and announcements.

    As a group, create a PowerPoint presentation that provides new students the vital walk-through that represents these activities. Not only should you describe them, you should also explain when and why you might use each one of these items in the virtual classroom environment. Indicate to your new schoolmates the advantages of each of these and a recommendation for how often you might check or use each of these features.

    Use at least one external source (NOT wikipedia) for ideas (including AIU documentation found online) and be sure to cite and reference them in APA format. Use each of the following features at least once in your presentation: clip art, media clip (animated graphic, movie, or sound clip), transition effect, and custom animation.

    I will take care of do the assignment in powerpoint, all that I need is the information of what I posted above.

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    Microsoft Powerpoint is a very powerful feature which is used effectively to make presentations in a number of different types of environments or settings, be it office-administration, technical seminars, conferences, lecturing students, or business meetings. There are a number of enhanced features available in Microsoft Powerpoint besides the facility of custom-made and open templates.
    Clip art is an advanced feature which helps the user put pictures into the slide presentation. Some pictures are provided with the MS program, and the user has the complete freedom to upload private digital photographs on to ...

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