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Powerpoint Critique

For this question, answer required could be 5 or less sentences. No need for detailed information except you would like to do that.

You've read Edward Tufte's critique of PowerPoint for the case. Do you agree or disagree with his critique of PowerPoint? State your opinion and support it with facts, examples, statistics, anecdotes, your experience, etc.
If you believe PowerPoint has been overdone, what do you recommend instead?

Here is Edward Tufte's critique of PowerPoint http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.09/ppt2.html

Here is an additional link to 5 experts who dispute Edward Tufte on PowerPoint. You do not need to read to be able to answer question http://www.sociablemedia.com/articles_dispute.htm

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I slightly agree with Tufte's critique of PowerPoint but only to a point. I agree that PowerPoint is not effective if it is used the way he says it is used as a main presentation containing littel information. However, I disagree that all PowerPoint presentations are used this way. In the end, PowerPoint is as ...