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    Making an Oral Presentation using PowerPoint

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    Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on the subject of oral presentation best practices.

    o Utilize information gathered from your text and online resources.
    o Include, but do not limit content, to slide-formatting, organization, and presentation skills.

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    Hi! I enjoyed helping with this assignment. I have included notes about the subject of oral presentation best practices, including slide-formatting, organization, and presentation skills. I have also included a presentation outline for you to use to guide you in creating your PowerPoint presentation, as well as an attachment to get you started on your own presentation.


    - Consistency brings unity. Stick with the same font and same background throughout the presentation.

    - Colors: Ease of visibility is key. You need to have contrasting colors that show up well and are easy to see. You don't want the audience to be distracted by poor color choices.

    - Likewise, you need to be careful to choose a non-distracting background (and animations, if used). Powerpoint offers a lot of "bells and whistles," and many people get carried away and want to use as many as possible. Less is more.

    - Font size: Depending on the size of the room you present in, your font size should be appropriate. I use nothing less than 32 in a regular size room. See: http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00125.htm for further information on font size.

    - On your intro slide, you should include a brief outline that you will be discussing in your presentation.

    - On content slides, avoid using complete sentences - you should use phrases or key words instead. You don't want to have all information on your slides, just the key points. ...

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