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    Visual Aids

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    Read the VA case study attached below. Please answer these 4 questions:


    1. Why are visual aids so important in making presentations?
    2. What role should the audience play in planning an oral presentation?
    3. What should be the relationship between the written handouts used by the speaker and the oral presentation?
    4. What does this case study teach you about using visual aids?

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    1. Visual aids are vital to the success in many aspects related to effective public speaking. Visual aids can add substance and credibility to your specific speech. Think critically of what purpose your visual aids serve toward the audience? What is your intended purpose? To persuade? To inform? How about to reinforce an idea or concept on a particular topic? As speakers, you also want to think about what types of visual aids to use. For example, pictures, videos and a smart room? Audience members not only want to hear about a topic, they also want to visually see it for themselves. As speakers, we should always keep our audience in mind while preparing. PowerPoint is highly effective and one visual aid I highly recommend to students. What can't ...

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    This solution consists of important information regarding visual aids while speaking in public. Why we should use them, ways for effective analysis, for what purpose (s) we should use them for, the relationship between both the public speaker and audience and other analysis aspects will be discussed in detail.