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    This post addresses training hearing impaired individuals.

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    You have been advised that there will be a group of hearing impaired individuals attending your "Effective Presentations" training class. Discuss how you will design your presentation, the method you will use to deliver the content, and the resources you will need to assist you for an effective training class.

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    I would actually take several different steps to make sure that the audience was comfortable and open to my presentation, despite their hearing impairments.

    - Discuss how you will design your presentation.

    I would want to incorporate visual aids for every part of my presentation. I want the aids to be professional in appearance, and visually appealing. I would want the font to be big enough for all members of the audience to see, but not obnoxiously big. I would keep in mind when designing the items that the main mode of communication will be visual, for my audience. I would ...

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    The solution provides a detailed discussion examining how a training class would be designed for hearing impaired individuals, including the methods and resources used for an effective training class.