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Training and development: Design to Reach Hearing Impaired

You have been advised that there will be a group of hearing impaired individuals attending your "Effective Presentations" training class. Discuss how you will design your presentation, the method you will use to deliver the content, and the resources you will need to assist you for an effective training class.

(Roughly 2 paragraphs for response)

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When training a group of hearing impaired students, it will be important to set up your presentation in a manner that is conducive to communication with every type of hearing impairment as there are different levels and requirements. In order to do this, one must understand the levels of hearing impairment.

Depending on the severity of hearing damage and when it occurred, some students may predominantly use Sign Language as their mode of communication. In other cases, some hearing impaired students may be able to read lips a majority of the time to help determine what is being said in ...

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Understanding this added complexity of designing your presentation to capture these different circumstances will require spending more time on layout and equipment along with the normal presentation materials. First, try to set up the presentation in a lecture theater that has been fitted with induction loop systems that will enable the students wearing implants to have a direct feed into your speaker microphone during the presentation (Kluwin, 2009).