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    5 senses role in learning

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    Please explain why is sensory intergration important in young children and what would be a result if a child had perceptual impairments.

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    Sensory integration refers to the five senses with which we humans experience the world, particularly from birth up through age 5 or so (when much learning takes place). These five senses are, of course: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Newborn infants experience their world through these senses, so when one of these senses is impaired, the child is at a huge disadvantage. These sensory impairments can sometimes be addressed through other means (surgical or other learned compensation) but it is a struggle for the child and their parents. One classroom learning experience we sometimes asked students to experience was to try to get through their day blindfolded, or wearing sound-blocking headphones. This ...

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    Discussion of the role that the five senses play in children's development from birth to five years, and how handicaps in those senses can impact learning. Web-based scholarly resources cited on the topic.