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Learning Math through a Hands-off Approach

Should the role of the mathematics instructor be the hands-off facilitator who guides students to discover knowledge without interjecting factual input or that of the subject matter expert who directly presents factual information to students? Why? Under what circumstances might the role that you did not select prevail? Why?

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i) Mathematics instructors who are hands-off facilitators who guides students to discover knowledge without interjecting facts may seem to trend in teaching in our current society.

ii) Studies have investigated students who learn math in classrooms and outside classroom and found that students who learn outside the classroom, in the natural environment develop and apply their complex math skills better. This "street math" is learned informally , and under guidance from others not direct factual input from ...

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The hands-off approach is investigated as to how effective and enjoyable a method of teaching it is for both students and teachers. 311 words + references.