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Application of humanistic theory

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Explain one way in which the application of humanistic theory might be the same and one way in which it might differ for adults in a face-to-face learning environment versus adults in an online learning environment. Then, provide an example of how an instructor might apply humanistic theory in an adult online learning environment.

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The main goal of humanistic theory within education is for the student to learn on a deeper level, which is meaningful to the individual. Therefore, for information to be meaningful to an adult, there are several "requirements" that will facilitate the learning process.
1. Interest in the topic and an understanding of why it is important to learn the new material
2. Experiences from which to build off of, as they learn the new material
3. The actual desire to learn new things
4. The idea that learning this new material will be of benefit to them

Humanistic education also relies heavily upon the teacher-student interaction. With the dawn of online education resources, it is now possible for anyone to learn something without the teacher actually present. However, viewing this through the scope of humanism, we have to wonder, can online learning actually produce any real, meaningful learning?

Now, let's get to your question.

- One way that face-to-face learning and online learning may be the same -

It is important to make note that this heavily depends upon the material being learned. If someone is learning to do a very hands-on skill or a skill which requires the use of intuition and people skills (i.e., teaching, therapy, EMT, etc.), it is likely that the ...

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The applications of humanistic theory are given. How instructors might apply humanistic theory in an adult online learning environment are determined.

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