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Post-traumatic Growth

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Identify the significant components of the findings of Peterson et al. in their article, "Strengths of Character and Post-traumatic Growth." To what degree do these findings relate to the personality theories?

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Peterson, C., Park, N., Pole, N., D'Andrea, W., & Seligman, M. (2008). Strengths of character and posttraumatic growth. Journal Of Traumatic Stress, 21(2), 214-217.

This article reveals how a web-based study "of 1,739 adults" identified small, but positive correlations traumatic events "and a number of cognitive and interpersonal character strengths. It was concluded that growth following trauma may entail the strengthening of character." The authors insist that "As people experience and survive ...

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Post-traumatic Growth is briefly assessed using references about personality theories.