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Accomodating student learning styles in the classroom

O Locate a learning style assessment on the Internet.

o Complete the assessment

o Identify your own learning style(s) (You may use a learning style inventory that you completed in another course.)

o Write a research paper, explaining how -

§ many teachers teach to their own learning style

§ you will accommodate the different learning styles of your students, knowing possible influences of your own learning style(s)

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Many teachers tend to teach to their learning styles because that is what they are accustomed to. Visual learners tend to teach through their learning style by relying heavily on visuals such as pictures, diagrams, concept maps etc. There is a second grade lesson plan on www.lessonplanspage.com which has students comparing and contrasting frogs and toads using a Venn diagram and elaborate pictures of each reptile. Also these teachers are likely to use Big Books with lots of pictures for their Read Alouds frequently and are more likely to show videos related to various concepts they are studying. Auditory learners tend to teach their students primarily through lecturing and by holding frequent discussiosn throughout their lessons. Auditory learners who teach younger children are likely to rely heavily on audio books, films and other media. Teachers who are tactile/kinistehic learners to rely heavily on hands-on activities and activities that rely on physical movement such as Total Physical Resposne ...

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The following solution explains how teachers may teach to their learning style. It also gives suggestions on how teachers may incorporate various learning styles in the classroom.