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Some background information on Learning Styles

1. Complete the learning styles inventories: http://www.berghuis.co.nz/abiator/lsi/lsiframe.html (Learning Styles Test 1 and Test 2 found on the left side of the page). Review and summarize your results in a 1-2 page paper.

Integrate individual learning styles with teaching style inventories.

Learning Objectives:
Interpret learning style inventories to identify learning styles.

2. How would you define the role of a faculty member or facilitator in the teaching and learning process?

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As a classroom teacher, I can tell you that knowing your own learning style, as well as the learning style of your students, helps out greatly in planning out lessons.

Most learning style inventories are pretty straight forward: a series of questions is asked, usually about what you would prefer to do in different situations. Your learning style is then determined from the answers that you give.
The three basic learning styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic (hands-on). Check out these links for some ...

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In this solution, I gave the student some background information on the different learning styles and some inventories that can used to determine personal learning styles as well as how to use this information in the classroom.