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The Role of the Educator as a Learning Facilitator in Nursing

Describe ways in which the characteristics of the subject and the characteristics of the learner(s) influence the role of the educator as the learning facilitator with regards to nursing.

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The educator's role is no longer that of the expert giver that establishes what needs to be learned, when and how it will be taught. The educator is now a facilitator that guides the person providing resources that ultimately will empower the person to make informed decisions. For this process to be successful, the educator must adapt the instruction to accommodate the individual abilities, styles and preferences (Knowles, Holton, & Swanson, 2005).

Characteristics such as age, race, ethnicity and ...

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The solution involves a discussion of possible characteristics and/or scenarios that affect how the learner perceives the information given and the role of the educator as learning facilitator in nursing. About 310 words with 3 references.