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Teaching Styles and Methods

Why would knowing who is in the classroom make a difference in how you teach? For example, if you had English Learners in the room, you would frontload academic vocabulary, strategically pair an EL with English Only student and provide plenty of background information on new concepts.

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The goal of conscientious teachers is to reach as many students as possible with the core curriculum for their grade in a way that they can best understand it.

For that reason, at all times, teachers should employ more than one method of teaching. Among them is the KWL method, when during the process of class discussion, students are asked about what they know about the subject beforehand, and then what they would like to know, and finally after the teaching is completed, what they have learned. Doing this will help the students to see that they are actually learning something new, plus they receive modeling on how they can connect ...

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Teachers benefit from learning the differences in learning styles among her students and then using a variety of teaching methods in order to accommodate them.