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Incorporating modalities in teaching patterns

How would you incorporate the different modalities when teaching a lesson on teaching patterns?

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Teaching a lesson to adults on how to teach patterns to young children (or older ones, for that matter) and using the different modalities to present that material would incorporate similar methods for the adults that you would also use for the students. It would be simply a matter of varying the instruction to accommodate various preferred learning styles.

Following quote is from this article:
(hanging indent)Burris, S., Kitchel, T., Molina, Q., Vincent, S., & Warner, W. (February, 2008). The language of learning styles. Techniques(italicize magazine title), 83(2), p. 44 - 48.

"Learning style (also known as cognitive style) is the "preferred or habitual patterns of mental functioning: information processing and the formation of ideas and judgments" that within a learner's style, the "patterns of attitudes and interests influence what a person will attend to in a potential learning situation" (Provost & Anchors, 1987, p. 182). Student ...

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Discussion and definition of learning styles, and how to incorporate auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities into a lesson on teaching patterns.