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    Experiences in organizing, teaching reading strategies

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    Can someone please tell me some experiences they have had in creating and teaching the prereading, guided reading, and postreading and study strategies. Include what you think is most successful and what you would change if you teach this content again.


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    Your posting did not mention the age or skill level of the students you will be addressing, so I will attempt to discuss varied approaches that would be useful at the high school level, while briefly mentioning other age groups, as well.

    Prereading materials should capture student interest in the upcoming material, while alerting students to the ideas and concepts that you will be addressing in the later lesson(s). This is the time to address unfamiliar vocabulary that the students will encounter in the reading, so that there will be less confusion later. If the reading is an exerpt, the prereading material will establish the exerpt in time, and give students some idea of its place in the history/background of the story. This is also the time to pre-explain such literary devices the reading uses such as vernacular or dialect, or time devices such as flashback or foreshadowing (or at least mention, if explanation is to come in a later lesson). This is also one appropriate place ...

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    Suggestions for organizing the teaching of reading strategies, pre-, guided and post-reading, summary ideas