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Beginning Vocabulary Strategies for ELLs

I need help with providing information that will help teachers understand four different vocabulary development approaches. TRP, story-telling, contextual clues and narrative approach, and how to use them in the classroom, I need to do analysis, application, advantages and extension strategies of each one,

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TPR:(Total Physical Response) is a systematic approach to the use of commands followed by physical responses by the students. It is a method that is commonly used for the instruction of ELL students. This method can be used with students of all ages. Advantages- It increases the listening skills and helps the beginning student respond through a non threatening low anxiety way that involves their entire bodies. In TPR teachers give commands and the students demonstrate comprehension through physical response. The following is a suggested sequence:
1. Give commands involving the whole body:
Point to your ear.
Put your right hand on your head and turn around three times.
Walk backwards to the front of the class and shake the teacher's hand.
Clap your hands. (Offer encouragement and praise for each task accomplished)
2. Give commands involving the interaction with materials and manipulatives in the classroom.
Take the red circle and put it in the wastebasket.
Pick up your green crayon and put it in your desk.
Walk up to the chalkboard , take a piece of yellow chalk and draw the sun.
3. Commands that relate to pictures, maps, numbers and other materials:
Go to the map and trace the outline of Mexico.
Go to the picture of the bathroom and pretend to brush your teeth.
Go to the Food wall chart and point to a food from the fruit and vegetable group.

It is recommended that teachers giving ELL students a command for the first time should model the desired behavior, removing the model after several repetitions of the same command. Then when students respond confidently to a single command , the teacher extends TPR by combining commands in original and unique ways to make students realize that they can understand and respond to language expressed in ways they have never heard before. The creation of novel commands encourages careful and creative listening.

Storytelling is using a sequence of events to convey a story or a ...

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This solution provides suggestions of beginning vocabulary strategies that teachers can use for English language learners in the classroom.