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Discuss the importance of linking practice and application activities to specific content objectives. List at least 5 practice and application activities and why they are relevant for English Language Learners.

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You don't have any time to waste when you're working with ELLs. Every moment has got to count. You should never use practice activities unless they are specifically related to content objectives. When they are linked, you know what you want them to know and can make sure they know it. For example:

Let's say your objective was: The student will be able to add three digit numbers with carrying. Well, then, you're going to need to come up with practice that specifically addresses this objectives. One that works especially well with ELLs is a cooperative activity where each student has a job and they work in groups of 4 and number off. The 1s write down the problem on their whiteboards and pass it to the next person. The 2s add the first column ...

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