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    Co-Teaching Special Education Classes

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    If you have a co-teacher whose philosophy for teaching special education is different from yours, how would you compromise or mediate, without compromising your own principles, so that your students would not suffer from the discrepant ideologies of your co-teacher and yourself?

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    It is common for co-teachers to employ different philosophies. The application of learning strategies in the classroom must incorporate a variety of learning styles in order to meet the needs of the students and the many learning levels you may have among your student population.

    When sharing a classroom, it is important for the teachers to work together to outline the curriculum itself, and then have several strategies for meeting the goals and objectives.

    There should not be a compromise of the work principles of either teacher. Co-teachers ought to work together to identify whose techniques work best for which students. Following that, goals should be distributed betweeen co-teachers. Both ...

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    This solution looks at how to deal with situations when co-teachers have different preferences for teaching styles, within the framework of special education classes.