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The Relationship Between Special and Regular Teachers

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What would the ideal solution be if special education teachers felt that the regular education teachers were not doing there job with the students in an inclusion classroom. On the flip side the regular education teachers feel that it is the job of the special education teachers to take care of the needs of students with IEPS's. What steps would you take to remedy the problems presented?

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Let's first start with some of the ideal co-teaching options so we have a common background.

*Both teach: both teachers take an active role in instruction
*One teach, one support:one teacher has the primary responsibility of teaching while the other teacher supports the instruction by recording notes on the overhead, etc.
*One teach, one observe: one teacher has the primary responsibility to teach while the others gathers data about the students that is used to customize instruction
One teach, one drift: one teacher has the primary responsibility to teach while the other assists students with their work and monitors their behavior
*One teach, one shadow: one teacher has the primary responsibility to teach while the other rephrases or reexplains information to students as needed

Small group instructional methods include:
*Station teaching: the class is divided in half and one teacher teaches part of the lesson while the other teacher facilitates a learning ...

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Conflict exists between special educators and regular teachers. What causes this conflict and what can be done to eliminate it?

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