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Inferences and Assumptions

An experiment was conducted to compare the effects of two teaching styles for grade 12 mathematics. The individuals in experiment were grade 12 math students from one particular high school. The students were randomly assigned of the two treatment groups. After 3 week course all students took an identical standardized exam. The response was the students' scores on the exam.

a) What is the population of interest?

b) Can we make population inferences? If so did you need to make any assumptions?

c) Can we make casual inferences? That is can we conclude that any difference in team scores was caused by the difference in teaching styles?

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a) The population in question is grade 12 students who are taking a math class

b) The inference we have to make is that we need to assume that this grade 12 class is a typical class for all grade 12 math students. I.e we have to assume that the student in the school comes from average ...

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