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    Inferences Based on Sample Size

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    A local tennis pro-shop strings tennis rackets at the tension (pounds per square inch) requested by the customer. Recently a customer made a claim that the pro-shop consistently strings rackets at lower tensions, on average, than requested. To support this claim, the customer asked the pro shop to string 10 new rackets at 55 psi. Upon receiving the rackets, the customer measured the tension of each and calculated the following summary statistics: sample mean=54 psi, s=3psi.

    A.)Set up the null and alternative hypotheses for testing these claims.

    B.)In order to conduct the test, the customer selected a significance level of alpha=.05. Interpret this value. (I.e. what does it mean to conduct the test at a level of alpha=.05)

    C.)Suppose the two-tailed p-value for the test described above (obtained from a computer printout) is p = .09. Give the proper conclusion for the test. Use alpha = .05.

    D.)What assumptions about the distribution of racket tensions are necessary for the
    Inferences derived from the test to be valid?

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