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    Building an Aquatic Ecosystem

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    A 1st grade class was planning to build a simple ecosystem in a jar, and add water, algae, and small aquatic animals that eat algae and then weigh their algae and the animals at the end of the year. If they were to compare the total weight of all the algae and the combined weight of all the animals, which will weigh more? Explain this using terms of energy and nutrients. What observations and inferences would be used to answer this?

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    There are some assumptions that go into this question that I will address first, and then I will give some conclusions. The first assumption is that the ecosystem in the jar is balanced at the beginning of the experiment. That means that the jar is not packed with aquatic animals, nor is it packed with algae. The second assumption is that the jar is exposed to adequate ...

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    In 250 words, this question regarding nutrient recycling in aquatic environments is explored. Assumptions, observations and inferences which pertain to this experiment are discussed. Observation and inferences what would be used to answer the solution are provided.