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Environmental Hazards and Human Health

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There are various types of water pollution. Water pollution occurs when contaminants enter a water body and the water body becomes impacted; farms, industries, and even homes can be a source of pollution. For this response, discuss eutrophication and the following concepts:

-Definition of selected pollution topic
-Causes and sources of pollution
-Impacts on both on the natural environment/ecosystems and human populations due to the pollution issue
-Recommended solutions to mitigate the problem

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Eutrophication occurs when an excess of nutrients, usually in the form of nitrogen or phosphorous, is released into a nutrient deficient water body (Cloern, 2007). This leads to an increase of aquatic plant growth. Over time, this excessive plant growth can turn the lake into a bog, with low oxygen content and life, or even into land. However, eutrophication is accelerated by human deposition of nutrients into a water body, which can create "dead lakes". Nutrients can be added to a water body artificially through fertilizer use, nutrients carried from runoff, agriculture, sewage treatment plants, suburban lawns, and dumping waste into the water system. ...

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This solution defines eutrophication and explains its cause and effects, as well as outlining suggested solutions for solving this problem.