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Environmental Hazards Affecting Human Populations

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Please help with ideas an discuss the following:

• How do environmental hazards affect human population?
• What are toxicants? How do they affect living organisms?
• What are disease-causing agents?
• What are two disease-causing agents and their effects and how they are transmitted. Why are they considered environmental health hazards?
• How do changes in the environment contribute to human diseases? Is there a link between human activities on the environment and these emerging diseases?


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This solution explains environmental hazards and their causes. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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Step 1
Environmental hazards affect human population in several ways. There are physical ways in which the environment affects human beings. Human populations are affected by famines and floods. Deaths occur because of extreme changes in temperature. Other health hazards are noise, electromagnetic radiation, and ionizing radiation. Environmental hazards also affect human population through chemicals. Smoke, airborne pollution and pollution from combustion are important sources of environmental chemical based hazards. Environmental hazards also adversely affect human populations through a variety of biological agents. Germs in water, air, and food cause infections and harm human beings. Similarly, there are biological hazards that cause allergy to human populations.

Step 2
Toxicants are manmade substances that can adversely affect human beings. These can affect living beings by causing disease, injury, birth defects or death. Toxicants can adversely affect the whole organism such as an animal, ...

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