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    Grass Carp Management

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    * What are two possible solution in detail to a Grass Carp problem (100 words)

    * What are two pros and two cons for each possible solution (100 words)

    * How those the concept of natural selection and succession factor into the Grass Carp problem (100 words)

    * How can a towns reservoir ecosystem be protected from invasive species in the future (100 words)

    100 words for each bullet (400 total words for 4 credits)

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    Grass Crap Management Q&A

    Q: What are two possible solutions in detail to a Grass Carp Problem?
    - There are a number of offered solutions to the grass carp problem. One solution, when using grass carp for aquatic weed management is to limit their numbers and to only use a sterile triploid that has been genetically engineered so that it cannot reproduce. Another solution is to use 'electric fences' as propounded by Maceina, Slipke and Grizzle (1999) exemplified in a grass carp confinement experiment in an embayment on Lake Seminole who write that, "If grass carp could be confined or fenced in certain areas where fish and wildlife values were not a priority, this could provide lake managers with the option of "zoning" parts of lakes for certain uses." Maceina, et. al. (1999) explain the process as follows, "A V-shaped funnel weir (a fence or enclosure set in a waterway to block fish) was constructed across a narrow opening at a bridge on an area of the lake known ...

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