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By the last class of week 10, please provide a business correspondence to me explaining the pertinent information regarding the project of our client, Fitz's Resorts, Inc. Pay attention to the appropriate deadlines. Be sure to reference any attachments.

It must include:
1. A project network diagram that depicts the logical sequence of activities required to complete the landscaping project.
2. highlighting all critical paths using different colors.
3. how many working weeks and total weeks it will take to complete the project.
4. a work breakdown structure showing task start and finish times.

It is April 1, 2005. The Long Lake house has just been built. Now, we must develop a plan for the landscaping project. Keep in mind that no landscaping work can be done from December 1 until April 1 because of the winter season.

The first thing we must do is find reputable landscapers (1 week). Then, we must invite them to come out and put together plans and bids (3. weeks). After all the bids are in, we must choose a landscaper (1week). Once the landscaper is chosen, we must develop a schedule (1week). After the schedule is completed, work can begin.

The lakefront needs a riprap wall to prevent erosion. This will take 4 months to build. While this is being built, the area for the sidewalk needs to be prepared (5 weeks). After this is finished, the brick pavers can be positioned properly. The brick paver sidewalk construction will take six months.

After the sidewalk is constructed, a nursery can be selected (1 month). Once selected, the nursery manager needs to come up with a planting plan (1 month). After that, we need to come to agreement on the plan and the price (3 weeks). The plants can be ordered now for delivery in 1 week.

Once the plants are delivered, the landscapers must plant them (2 days). We discover that a patio would be nice to have on the south side of the house. Once the sidewalk is finished and we receive a bid (1 week), construction of the patio can begin (1 month). While the patio is being completed, we can build the in-ground fire pit (2 weeks).

By June 25, all of the grass seed must be planted (1 week). After the seed is planted, hoses and sprinklers are positioned all over the property to provide proper irrigation for both the plants and the grass (1 day). The hoses will stay in the grass until October 10.

When the grass is at least 6 inches tall, the landscapers will come out and cut it
(1/2 day). They will continue cutting the grass every two weeks until October 1. Around July 7, they will fertilize the new grass with Milorganite. (1/2 day).

When the riprap wall construction is over and the sidewalks are finished, three sets of stairs can be built and installed (1 week). They must be finished before the zoning administrator visits.

The local zoning administrator has reviewed the landscaping and had determined that some of the sidewall is in violation of the rules. We must now tear down some of the sidewall and rebuild (1 week).

Simultaneously, we notice that the sidewalks around the side and front of the house need some more plants next to them. So, we contact the nursery manager and have more delivered (1 month). The landscapers must immediately plant these (2 days).

On September 21, the landscapers will apply another round of fertilizer and weed eliminating chemicals that will kill next year's weeds.

The landscapers will rake the leaves off the grass November 1 (1 week). That is it until next year.

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mpp file and screenshots in word document attached.

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