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PERT, CPM, Gantt, Work Breakdown Structures

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MPM401-0901B-05 Project Management Theory
Task Name: Phase 3 Discussion Board

Details: Reflecting back on your project experience, or using information from your resources what tools do you think would be the most helpful for creating the project schedule for your trade show project? How could you use spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel? How could you use scheduling tools, such as Microsoft Project? Share some tips for using either of these products.

Objective: Recognize and achieve basic competency in technical areas of project management including PERT, CPM, Gantt, Work Breakdown Structures, and other forms of project planning and control.

Create a project plan from given elements of a project scenario.
Use effective communication techniques.

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Project Management Tools

Tools for Project Schedule

Project scheduling is a process for analyzing the resource requirements, activity duration and sequencing. There are various tools, which would be beneficial or important for the project scheduling of trade show project. These tools will assist the project team to accomplish the project activities in the stated timeline and eliminate production related problems. These tools are used to estimate the completion time of the trade show project and to search out the status of the project like whether it is behind the schedule, forward or on schedule. These are as follows:

PERT: This is the program evaluation and review technique, which uses probabilistic technique to estimate the duration of the project activities. It is helpful for the project of trade show, as it provides information related to the probability of project completion. It provides information related to the critical path activities, which may impact the completion of the project (PERT, 2007).

CPM: Critical path method is used to analyze the network in order to forecast the duration of the project by identifying those sequences that have least scheduling flexibility, which further will assist the project manager to find out the critical activities that form the critical ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 823 Words, APA Reference

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Scheduling is essential to a project's success. Forming a network activity with a visual depiction helps the team understand the relationships of tasks in a project. Two of the most common charts used in project management are the Gantt and PERT charts. The purpose of these charts is to assist with project scheduling and illustrate task dependencies. Another tool that can be used is the critical path method (CPM).

1. Research and define PERT, CPM, and Gantt relative to project planning, scheduling, and control.

2. Respond to the following:
- What are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique in project management?
- How do these techniques assist in monitoring and controlling the project activity?
- Construct a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your project by first identifying each deliverable required for a project. Use a simple example project of your choosing. Then, for each deliverable, identify the activities that must be completed to produce that deliverable. Based on your knowledge of your anticipated resources you will have to do the work of the activities, estimate the duration of the activities.

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