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    The scientific method

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    Use the scenario below and address the following:
    1. Recognize a question or a problem
    2. Develop a hypothesis
    3. Design and perform an experiment to test the hypothesis
    4. Analyze the data and reach conclusions about the hypothesis
    You notice that the grass around your house is brown, short, and dead. The grass around your neighbor's house is green, tall, and alive.

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    #1 ...the problem is of course recognized. Now we need to ask the question: Why is my grass dying and my neighbor's thriving?

    #2 Something in the soil around my house is killing my grass.

    #3 (With the neighbor's permission) To cut out a couple squares of your and the neighbor's sod and plant your in his yard, and vice versa. Maybe agree to water his yard for the trouble. See if his grass dies, and/or your grass "comes back".

    #4 So what can occur? In this experimental ...

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    A scenario regarding the scientific method.