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Water and Air Pollution

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• How would an oil refinery, a distribution center and an automotive manufacturing plant impact water pollution and indoor and outdoor air pollution. How would each of these three choices be a point and non-source of water and air pollution

• How would the air and water pollution generated from these sources impact the health of a small town, the local ecosystem, and the local economy. What are some possible solutions.

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An oil refinery and an automotive plant can both be a point of water pollution and indoor /outdoor pollution. Both oil refinery and automotive plants are common type of point sources. They discharge effluents into water. These are pollutants. Some oil refineries and automotive plants directly discharge effluents into a water body; some treat it before releasing them. Even those factories that have sewerage treatment plants treat human wastes and send the treated effluents to a stream or river. Compared to oil refinery and automotive plant, a distribution center is not a point of pollution. Distribution center discharges human wastes that are mixed with urban runoff in a combine's sewerage system. Water pollution also occurs when effluents from oil refinery and ...

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This solution explains pollution because of oil refinery, a distribution center and an automotive manufacturing plant. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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