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Topics on Environmental Science

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Please help me with the following questions, as I am having hard time in incorporating all together. Please write 4 complete sentences about each of the 10 following topics:

Environmental History
The Carbon Cycle
Global Warming
The Atmosphere
Endangered Species
Ecosystems��"Succession and Biodiversity
Human Population Growth
Air Pollution
Water Pollution, including water and wastewater treatment
Alternative Energy Resources

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Environmental History
1. Environmental history helps us understand the role played by the environment during the course of history.
2. The environment impacts how life is lived, and thus, the course of history.
3. Rachel Carson drew attention to the environment in her book, Silent Spring.
4. Environmental history is a relatively new course of study at many universities.

The Carbon Cycle
1. The carbon cycle impacts global warming.
2. The carbon cycle is possible because all living things are made of carbon and carbon is also part of the ocean and earth.
3. The carbon cycle is crucial to sustaining life on Earth.
4. Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier discovered the carbon cycle.

Global Warming
1. Global warming is said to impact sea levels.
2. Al Gore has been very vocal about global warming.
3. Some scientists believe global warming is a process that occurs naturally over hundreds of thousands of years.
4. Global warming is a popular topic on talk radio for liberals.

The Atmosphere
1. Changes in the weather impact the atmosphere.
2. Greenhouse gasses retain heat in the atmosphere.
3. There is ...

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