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    Comprehensive Outline for paper on Environmental Issues

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    The outline should refer to most if not all of the following: the scope and nature of the public policy problem, the evolution of public policy, evaluation of policy, the actors involved, the intergovernmental structure and political concerns, the approaches to policy setting, and the suggested policy direction that is supported by research.
    Thesis: Develop your thesis statement. References: Provide at least three scholarly references that you intend to use in addition to our text. List them using APA citing.

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    Proposed Paper Outline - Environmental Issues: Clean Air and Water

    Abstract - This paper explores the current issues related to the problem of air and water contamination/pollution. Since the dawn of Industrialisation, toxic substances have been released in the environment and our most vital resources supporting life - air and water have been heavily contaminated through years of heavy industry under poor environmental management. Surface and groundwater are in danger of being unconsummable and unsuitable for human needs while activities that lead to air pollution can cause certain diseases & damages on flora & fauna - pretty much all of life on earth. Additionally, chemical air pollutants like CFC damage the ecological balance that support life (i.e. CFCs caused the thinning and breaking of parts of the protective Ozone Layer). This paper explores the varied concerns facing man in relation to the risk brought about by air and water contamination. It also explores the varied laws in place in the US and the government agency tasked to implement them. Additionally global agreements regarding environmental protection is explored. The paper ends by providing an opinion on the state of current practice and legislation on the subject of air and water protection.

    Proposed Thesis: It is obvious that life on earth is dependent upon air and water. But man's activities throughout years of development and industry has endangered the ...

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    The solution provides advise in tackling a research on environmental concerns, it provides a comprehensive sample outline on the topic of Clean Air and Water with reference to the guideline set about in the original problem (see long description). It includes an abstract, a proposed thesis and each section of the paper, from the introduction to the body, conclusion and references has content-suggestion advise and suggested word count. The solution also provides advise on APA format writing and a list on online resources as well as suggested books for research on the topic is provided. a word version of this solution is alaso attached for easy printing and digital use.