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    Leadership and Opportunities Support

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    Hi , please Writing your own comment on this topic .
    1- please be encouraging comments . not lower than 5 Lines .I give you Example of comment in the end my question. (Look The Example)
    2- And make 1 question on the topic,after your comment.

    It is good to be back in the rim of learning leadership, and the opportunities for support in knowledge, assembled by team collaboration.
    As we all know that collaboration does matter in conversation for leveraging collective insights for knowledge, as it may be assembled by members of a team formed by an organization. Receiving insights which become available to an organization, addressing issues the organization is up against will require hiring knowledgeable people together in formal meetings, in which is designed to gain that advantage in collecting creditable knowledge needed from an assembled team of people working together for high quality deliverables to improve an organization's processes. I believe each member in our class can support each other in a spirited practice for future success.

    My outline will include as follow:

    I plan to conduct a comprehensive project for unit 5 with quality deliverables by researching through a variety of creditable resources that American Intercontinental University (AIU) provide from AIU's library and other outside sources as well
    Course material information, eBooks', and other quality information I can collect from the discussion board with other class colleagues who are willing to receive other's views and opinions concerning leadership and management exchanging information together with a guideline of principals set for collaboration.
    Body of the paper
    Using citations from creditable websites from other author's in APA

    ( Example of comment ) :
    Yes, it is great to be back in the mindset of learning leadership, but one thing I must say, you can never lay leadership down because you as a person is leadership in what you do, say, act, and even appearance each day whether on the job or at home.

    I'm taking a look at your outline and I must say you are off to a good start of things. Your research will go great according to your outline detail, you really made this project look so easy now.

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