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Strengths and weakness of charismatic leaders

There are many different styles of leadership, often as unique as the individuals who embody them. One of the styles presented this week is charismatic leadership. Charisma, considered a personal attribute of the leader, is usually associated with individuals who lead through the force of their personality and possess the ability to convert others to their way of thinking.


1. Which historical leaders, past or present, would you consider charismatic leaders?

2. What are the strengths and drawbacks of charismatic leadership?

3. What have been your experiences with this type of leadership? Be specific and discuss whether this is a style you would want to adopt. Why or why not?

Kindly assist with these 3 questions. Please address all areas. Please also include any scholarly references.

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Charismatic Leaders

1. Which historical leaders, past or present, would you consider charismatic leaders?
Examples of charismatic leaders are;

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi was a socio-political leader who was key leader in India's non-violent freedom movement. It was the charm of Mahatma Gandhi which made which made him almost god-like for his followers. He appealed to values of his followers and the psychological bond between him and his followers which made a strong between them.

President Barack Obama
President's has charisma as a public speaker

Jack Welch
Jack Welch is an example of charismatic leader who was also a change leader. He transformed GE through his vision and ability to inspire others towards transformation. It can be taken as an example of charismatic authority by Jack Welch.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs mission was to revolutionize his company. While framing the vision for his company he amplified audience's values, stressed importance and efficacy. He built an image for the company which he intended to build along with his employees.

Michael Armstrong
When AT&T was in trouble and seeking its new leader, Michael Armstrong took over as CEO of the company. He had such charisma that ...

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The expert examines strengths and weaknesses of charismatic leaders. The historical leaders, past or present which are charismatic leaders are given.