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Charismatic leaders and why they are successful

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I need one paragraph that gives an example of a charismatic leader and why they are successful and another paragraph that lists recommendations to become a charismatic leader.

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Charismatic leaders and why they are successful...

By definition, charismatic people exhibit charisma (which is the ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest or affection in others). Using their charm or other influences, charismatic leaders help boost morale and confidence in their teams. Look at both sides of the coin: if you have a leader that is pessimistic and downtrodden, his subordinates are less likely to be inspired - which means they will probably not want to put forth their best effort. But, if you have an optimistic leader who excites his team, typically the folks around him want to show him/her their best, as well. Steve Jobs was a very public charismatic leader for Apple. I don't ...

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Charismatic leaders inspire those around them, all while simply promoting a positive attitude. Employees who work with a charismatic leader are often more engaged and find that truly want to work harder for a charismatic leader. It's all about attitude!

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