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How leaders are Chosen

There is considerable evidence in research literature to suggest that ________

people can be trained to be charismatic leaders, people can be selected if they are charismatic, both of these, or neither of these

I belive the anser is neither of these. Please explain answer. Thanks so much!!

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Hello -
I believe the answer to your question is "people can be selected if they are charismatic." I would like to give you some important background information first and then explain my answer to you below.
Charismatic leaders can inspire and create excitement. They have a remarkable ability to distill complex ideas into simple messages ("I have a dream"); they communicate by using symbols, analogies, metaphors and stories. Anyone can understand them. Typically, they are great optimists and rebels who fight convention.
There appear to be four stages in the development of charismatic leadership
1) Sensing opportunity and formulating a vision: these ...

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The solution explains in a detailed yet concise manner how leaders are chosen as they appeal to voters or group members based on research literature.