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Charismatic Leadership/stewardship/servant relationship

What's interesting about charismatic leadership and the topics under it?
-stewardship and servant relationship
-charismatic v transformational leadership

Do you have any stories which illuminate it?

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Charismatic Leadership:

Charismatic Leaders who build teams focus on making their teams stand out from the rest. They usually will build the image and mides of their followers as being superior from all others (Mussler, 1987). According to Mussler (1987) the Charismatic Leader will typically attach themselves firmly to the identify of the group, such that to join the group is to become one with the leader. In doing so, they create an unchallengeable position for themselves. What is interesting about the charismatic leader is that their self-belief is very high and believe that they are infallible and that they are irreplaceable. What was also interesting to fine is that while they are seemingly in it for the team, they tend to be somewhat more focused on themselves. One example of this is while they are speaking with you, they are so good at making you feel good and charming you that after they have left and the "warm and fuzzies" have dissipated, you question the validity of ...

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This solution discusses charismatic leadership, stewardship/servant relationship and charismatic versus transformational leadership. The solution is approximately 300 words and includes 3 citations.