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    Perform a preliminary SWOT analysis of strategies chosen for the project. A SWOT analysis consists of examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the strategies being considered for implementation from a general overview orientation.
    Strengths: In general, what does the organization or situation already have working in its favor that will aide in implementation?
    Weaknesses: In general, what does the organization or situation have working against it that will hinder implementation?
    Opportunities: In general, what opportunities will this strategy or strategies offer the organization or situation?
    Threats: In general, what threats confront the organization or situation if the strategy is not implemented or if it is implemented poorly?

    Indicate how these strategies could be implemented. Particular attention should be paid to any issues within the organization or situation that would make implementation too costly or likely to fail to win sufficient support from stakeholders within the organization.
    Particular attention should be paid to potential resistance to change within the organization
    Prepare a rough budget or financial overview of the cost of implementation.
    How will this project ensure management success under demanding cost, schedule and performance requirements?

    This assignment should form the basis for how this project will come together. This will facilitate charting the direction and assessing the overall value of the project and evaluating the challenges that the project will encounter and provide a rough draft of the Phase refinement of your SWOT analysis.

    I have attached a file that I came up with for this project I am not sure if its thr right way to answer this project> i am going to need the help on this and all other project for the capstone 1. Please help

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    The first step in this project is to either develop a strategy for Hewlett-Packard or to identify its current strategy. We identify its current strategy. Hewlett-Packard has stated that it had developed a three year IT transformation so as to reduce IT operating costs by half, yet provide more reliable information for executives to make better business decisions. In short, Hewlett-Packard is seeking to attain cost leadership in its objective of growing globally. Hewlett-Packard is the largest seller in world of personal computers, inkjet printers, laser printers, large format printers, and multi-function printers. It has also emerged as the second largest seller of information technology services. The objective of printers is to grow globally, the strategy is attain cost leadership. There are several tactics that Hewlett-Packard uses to grow globally, for instance it has introduced flexible licensing to grow its global software partner program.

    Let us consider the SWOT of Hewlett-Packard and how it impacts the strategy of Hewlett-Packard:

    Strengths: Hewlett-Packard has a diversified product portfolio, this gives it the advantage that dealers do not need to stock products from other companies or the customers need to buy IT products from other companies. If Hewlett-Packard implements a low-cost leadership it will lead to greater global growth. In addition, Hewlett-Packard has strengths like a well recognized brand, healthy financial position and good market ...

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