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The Importance of Perceptual Mapping in Marketing

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1. Discuss how perceptual maps can be used to discover challenges and opportunities for a company. Using the South University Online Library, search for an illustration of an established company that uses perceptual maps. How did the company use perceptual maps to differentiate and position its brands successfully?

2. Define segmentation from sources other than your textbook. Then, analyze why the average company in the Mexican sauce industry should segment the general market for Mexican sauce to its advantage. Support your analysis with at least three reasons

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1) Perceptual maps can be used to discover challenges and opportunities for a company, due to the fact that these maps can provide the leadership of an organization with visual data as to how their product is perceived by the consumer population. This also provides the leadership within an organization with a visual indication of how their competitor's products are perceived by the consumer population, which will provide these individuals with an indication as to the challenges that their organization and product ...

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