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    Water and Air Pollution Analysis of Rhode Island

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    I need help in conducting brief research on my local community to identify air and water pollution issues (I live in the State of RI, USA). I must reference at least two outside sources. I must Identify climate and topographical factors that (a) intensify air pollution and (b) help reduce air pollution. What sources of water pollution can I identify? How are people and the environment affected by the physical and economic effects of the air and water pollution?

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    Cold fronts bring cooler, cleaner air from Canada and therefore alleviate air pollution. On the other hand, terrain can cause inversion layers which exacerbate the problem. The warm air layer acts like a blanket on the smog layer, preventing it from dissipating higher in the atmosphere. This EPA web site discusses air quality in New England and inversion layers

    Here is a link to air quality reports for Rhode Island.
    I notice now that air quality is good, but by changing the date with the scroll down menu to a summer ...

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    Using the state of Rhode Island, this solution examines water and air pollution issues that exist there, as well the factors influencing these sources of pollution and what can be done to help reduce pollution. Including references, the solution is about 384 words.