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    Logic problem-show truth table and solve

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    Please show all steps and explain as necessary so that I can follow. I'm not sure if the omission of the word "hen" is significant to the argument. Is that why the argument is not correct?

    Determine if this argument is correct, using symbolic logic and a truth table. If it is not correct, explain what is wrong with the argument, and change the minor premise to make a correct argument.

    All Rhode Island Red hens lay brown eggs.
    My hen, Marg, is a Rhode Island Red.
    Therefore, Marg lays brown eggs.

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    B-hens which lay brown eggs
    R-Rhode Island Red hens
    Since all Rhode Island Red hens lay brown eggs, B<R
    And then Marg is an element ...

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    A logic problem is solved with a truth table. The solution is detailed and well presented.